Friday, November 2, 2007

Mc Kinney and Nader Appear to Be Sharing A Lot More Than a Party

Cynthia McKinney has announced...wait, wait, wait....hold your breath...that she will announce her decision to accept a run for the Presidency on the Green Party ballot sometime in November. Both she and Ralph Nader, seem to be sharing a lot lately. They are both:
  • acting coy about declaring their run for the Presidency, saying that November will be the time for them to announce;
  • touring around the country, giving their stump speeches, shaking hands, raising money;
  • simultaneously appearing as candidates on two ballots, the Green Party and the Peace and Freedom Party in the state of California;
  • using legal measures in a high profile manner to bring about the reforms and justice that they feel is necessary.

Nader and McKinney have been hustling up some media, criss-crossing the nation to presentations. Press is something that the Green Party has been wanting. So, this tension and postponement carries a dividend. Nader has been hitting the college circuit, while McKinney has been holding court at churches and community centers, all while they are supposedly NOT running.

While coy about declaring, they are both pumped up to fight. This week, Nader took aim and sued the DNC and others for conspiracy to keep him off the ballot in 18 states in 2004. His attorney said, ''This is a case designed to make sure other independent and third party candidates will not be subject to the same kind of conspiracy in the future.'' McKinney is part of a Human Rights Suit against President Bush and Vice-President Cheney

However, for the grassroots candidates for whom issues, not notoriety have vaulted them into this primary race, the inclusion of these larger names will make their own campaigns more difficult as money and labor resources go to the nationally recognized candidates instead of to them.

Acting coy in politics is nothing new and yet is SO ironic. Look how long it took Fred Thompson to jump in. And for all those hoping that Gore will fall in line, one rumor has him announcing after Nov. 7 (the rumor does not cite what year). However, to be able to stick out a run for the Presidency, you've got to have a really strong ego and an uncommon acceptance/desire to be a public personna, not to mention financial resources. It is not an undertaking for the shy.

While the two larger names are out blocking punches, grassroots candidates Kat Swift, Jared Ball and Kent Mesplay amongst others, have said they hope to have a fun experience with the great results of growing the size and visibility of the Green Party, vocalizing social and environmental concerns, and gaining more ballot lines.

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