Thursday, November 22, 2007

White Supremacist Steals Cover Under Green Party Ballot Line; Greens Officially Reject Him

"Bring me your tired, your poor... " but your hateful? NOT! The Green Party suffers from a few things, but you wouldn't expect inclusivity to be one of them. Nonetheless, its recent win of ballot access in Illinois has attracted the wily ways of one alleged White Supremacist who not only turned in petitions to put himself on the Green Party ballot, but also protested all the Green and Democratic Presidential primary candidates, as well as some state and local offices. But this is not Richard Mayers first attempt to attain office.

On Nov. 14, Kurt Erickson, statehouse bureau chief for the Bloomington Pantagraph, wrote a story which insinuated, through omission, that the Green Party was rejecting one of its own. I wrote a letter to Erickson in response to the article's misleading statements and asked him to consider discussing some of the missing components in his description of the case:

"I have been following the story " Green Party tries to rid itself of Chicago-area congressional candidate" and wonder if you could consider some of the following material in your future stories.

The Headline of your piece, for which I know you are not necessarily responsible, did not indicate the importance of the Green Party action to remove this candidate, considered to be a Neo-Nazi." It may be useful for your readers to understand that Richard B. Mayers maintains a philosophy completely contrary to the Green Party platform.

Perhaps the Green Party has an essential right to protect itself from a person who will misuse its hard-fought ballot access and will completely misrepresent the party's platform. And there's a rich story of the embattled underdog who has to fight the flies in order to save the honeypot of ballot access."

Erickson responded: "Thanks. I am tracking the situation. I appreciate your input… Kurt."

Erickson will have a chance to clarify the story presumably after Dec. 6th, when the case is to have been decided by the state election board. Until he has another chance to address the topic, a smaller paper in the area, The Riverside Brookfield Landmark, has posted a much more detailed story into the life of a man who is stealing Green.

Am I posting a challenge? Perhaps. To all: if you don't like what you see, take some action.

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