Monday, December 17, 2007

Cynthia McKinney Declares Candidacy for President on Green Party Ballot

After more than a year of courtship by Green party members, Cynthia McKinney has laid to rest the question of whether or not she will declare her candidacy for the Green Party Presidential candidate.

A target of media attacks, Ms. McKinneyfaces the impending storm with a poised and passionate message on YouTube and on her two websites: Run Cynthia Run and All Things Cynthia McKinney. How she weathers the storm of ensuing attacks will illuminate her control over all things Cynthia McKinney.

Many Greens are sighing with relief at her official entry, which comes days before Ralph Nader is expected to announce his intentions to run.

Green politicos are thrilled to be able to present such a textured and passionate group of candidates. With seven candidates on the ticket, including McKinney and Nader, it is bound to be a little hot at the Green Party's summer convention in Chicago.

Primaries in California, Illinois, Arkansas and Massachusetts will be on February 5. DC Statehood holds its primary on the following Tuesday with McKinney, Nader and Jared Ball on the ballot.

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Anonymous said...

think she will bring honesty and justice to her campaign.
I think
if she creates the most powerful tool available for her party and usses technology like no candidate has ever before, she could have a serious impact on the elections. Using today’s technology for her campaign is brilliant!
You can find her secret campaign site here, looks like its still in beta but works