Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Iowa Green Party Registration Rights Gained

Iowa Green Party (http://greens.org/iowa/)
October 30th, 2007

Wendy Barth, IAGP Co-Chair (iagp-cochair@usa.net)
Daryl Northrop, IAGP Co-Chair (dnorthrop@polkcogreens.org)

The Iowa Green Party has announced that Iowa voters soon will have an opportunity to register in the Iowa Green Party, along with the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. Secretary of State Michael A. Mauro recently certified the Iowa Green Party to be included on Iowa Voter Registration forms.

In announcing the Secretary of State's decision, Wendy Barth, Co-Chair of the Iowa Green Party and former candidate for Iowa Governor, commented, "This is going to lead to great things for our state. Because there are more than two sides to most issues, having more positions represented can only improve our legislative process."

Beginning Jan. 1, 2008 the State of Iowa will begin to recognize "non-party political organizations" on the state voter registration forms, which can identify registration in the Iowa Green Party, Libertarian Party, or other political parties. The Iowa Green Party successfully completed a petition drive containing at least 850 signatures. Those signatures were required to be from at least five counties and filed with the Iowa Secretary of State's office by October 31, 2007.

Daryl Northrop, Co-Chair of the Iowa Green Party and former candidate for US Senate added, "This is very good news for Iowa voters. It gives people who share our values and our political views the opportunity to register in the Iowa Green Party. Political campaigns and activists routinely use voter registration records to organize and conduct effective campaigns. The opportunity for Iowa voters to register their party affiliation is critical because Iowans tend to equate party membership with voter registration."

The ACLU of Iowa had filed a lawsuit on behalf of the Iowa Green Party and the Libertarian Party of Iowa in September 2005. The lawsuit alleged that the State of Iowa unfairly barred voters from registering in parties other than the Democratic Party and Republican Party. Under existing state law Greens and Libertarians had no way to determine from voter registration records voters who actively supported their candidates. Iowa had required that a political party must receive at least 2 percent of the vote in the previous election before voters could claim affiliation with it on their registration forms.


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