Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Democracy Now! introduces "Body of War"

Amy Goodman of Democracy NOW! interviews filmmakers Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro regarding the documentary "Body of War" which intimately follows the individual efforts of one young veteran paralyzed from injuries suffered in the war. The movie effectively intercuts shots of its subject, Tomas Young with shots or voice overs of the politicians who voted for the war and argues that the senate put on a show that was fairly well scripted.

This segment is part 2 of 5 posted on YouTube. Here is the entire segment from Democracy Now

Young joined up to make a difference in Afghanistan but was plowed down after several days on the ground in Iraq. Shipped back to an unprepared VA hospital, Young languished for a month without proper rehabilitation and is now on a list of medications, including an increasing dosage of morphine. His fiance and mother help him with his physical needs and he has become an anti-war activist. Somehow, he keeps his sense of humor, despite the real discomfort that he feels.

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