Monday, March 31, 2008

Reset America Presents Ballot Access Appeal Video

Reset America, a non-profit organization founded by Libertarian Presidential candidate Michael Jingozian, just released this ballot access fundraising video.

Jingozian attended the Green Party Convention in 2007 seeking the Green Party ballot line for his Presidential run. He maintained that his platform supported sustainability and economic solutions. He pointed to his own successful internet business which has not shipped its jobs overseas as proof of his commitment to keeping jobs in America. At that time, he indicated that ballot access would be the focal point of his campaign and that he had the marketing know-how and finances to put up an effective challenge.

Jingozian had come to the '07 Convention prepared with an arsenal of marketing materials for his program, RESET America and a small entourage of enthusiastic campaign workers. This degree of presentation and organization was unique amongst the Presidential hopefuls at that time and a little out of place with many Greens, who view "marketing" with suspicion. Jengozian asserted that his organization RESET America will continue to exist beyond the election and he sees himself as part of a movement that will have considerable impact on the 2012 election.

The erstwhile internet marketing entrepreneur Jingozian, was not the only non-Green who had sought the Green Party ballot line in the summer of 2007. Also presenting themselves at the convention were: Gail Parker (Independent Green), Daniel Imperato (Libertarian), and "Average Joe" Schriner (Independent). Notably, draft candidates Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney were also both in attendance, each earning spotlight time, despite not being party members.

At the time, Co-Political Director Brent McMillan said that these outside candidates demonstrated how valuable the Green Party ticket had become. However, the national and state parties quickly determined that outside of the Green Party members, affiliates or draft candidates, other third parties candidates would not have access to the party's ballot lines.

Despite its members distaste for packaging, the Green Party will have to find ways of branding itself that can translate into votes in the fall. Ironically, a clean, simple message, like Jingozian's RESET America or some other phrase could help the party clarify its position. The national platform will be discussed at this summer's convention in Chicago and perhaps a marketing genius will bust through the consensus maze with a captivating phrase that inspires - in a sentence - people outside the party.

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