Sunday, May 25, 2008

Libertarians Host Convention Debate Tonight on C-SPAN

If it's televised, it's real. 7 pm tonight (MST).

The Libertarians are hosting a televised debate amongst 7 of the Presidential candidates. Frontrunners are Bob Barr, Wayne Root, Mary Ruwart and Johnny-come-lately, Mike Gravel. Also on stage will be Michael Jingozian, George Phillies, and Steve Kubby.

Here are some media links to the various Libertarian candidates:

Mary Ruwart:
I'd like to highlight Ruwart who is a long-term Libertarian and obviously, a female candidate. She has a strong commitment to Libertarian principles and has authored a book about healing the nation. Ruwart discusses in this radio piece the necessary irony of the newcomer champions who have come under the Libertarian tent to run. This would include Bob Barr and Mike Gravel, though no names are mentioned.

Here's her Velvet Hammer message:

Steve Kubby:
A Freedom Fighter to the enth degree, his outspoken, comical approach is worth a watch. He has fought for Medical Marijuana Rights and Eliminating Taxation. He ran for Governor in California in 1998 and helped author Prop 215, the medical marijuana act.

Michael Jingozian:
We met Jingozian at the Green 2007 Convention where he presented himself as a Green leaning Libertarian and sought the endorsement of the Green Party. Greens, however, were ultimately strict about not lending their ballot lines to the Libertarians, regardless of appeals.

George Phillies:

Bob Barr:

Wayne Root:

Mike Gravel
(as a Libertarian):

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