Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gotta Love Them Texas Cowboys

Kat Swift dresses as Wonder Woman to help find new voters
Those Texas legislators, most of whom are Republicans, know how to wrangle in the straying herd - just cut 'em off at the knees. Ballot Access Laws in Texas require that petitioners collect signatures within a 10 week period.

The hitch is, petition signers must not have voted in the primary and the 10-week period is after the primary. Green Party Presidential candidate and Texan Kat Swift said that it is impossible to accumulate the necessary signatures this year. Record breaking turnout for the primary made finding qualified signers a mission of finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. However, she did seem to find a good deal the day she went to her neighborhood fiesta dressed as her childhood hero Wonder Woman.

Ralph Nader has complained that those rules are keeping him (and others) off the ballot, but Texas Representative Leo Berman thinks it's just fine.

Just to show how things work in the Texas legislature, take a look at this house session vote. Good for a laugh.

For more info:

Dallas News: "Nader Says Texas Law Keeping Him Off Ballot"

Ballot Access News does a great job of reviewing some of the gerrymandering that goes on down there in the Lone Star State.

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