Saturday, May 16, 2009

Grassroots Ad Takes Aim at Congressional Reps

The preamble to this direct activist message to Congress addresses Congressional Reps Ed Congressmen Edward Markey and Henry Waxman, holding them responsible for the tax money lost to coal companies in the stimulus package.
It goes on to say:

This is the Clean. Your recent congressional actions have been brought to our attention, and we are concerned about your leadership.

You have co-sponsored The Clean Energy Security Act. This bill is quickly becoming a giveaway to the coal and energy industry. It fails to stop global warming, fails to disentangle the US from unstable regions of the world, and fails to create an energy economy that enables sustainable and equitable economic prosperity...

The 2.5 minute piece hopes to persuade constituents to call their Congress people and urge them to close the wallet on the coal companies. How effective do you think it is?

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