Saturday, March 6, 2010

Illinois Green Party Draws PBS Attention

Why Are Green Party Candidates Better? from Tom Tresser on Vimeo.

Articulate, this year's slate of Green Party candidates in Illinois demonstrate that the financially challenged party is not without commitment in the state. Rich Whitney, a civil rights lawyer, has suited up for his second attempt at the Governor's office. In 2006, he successfully gained ballot access for his state's part by winning 10.4 per cent of the vote. This year, he hopes to get 40 per cent and take the office. In a state and during this time in our nation when dirty politics and corporate influence has received concentrated exposure, a 40 per cent win may not be unrealistic.

In this video Whitney, along with Illinois Green Party candidates Tom Tresser (Cook County Board President) and LeAlan Jones (U.S. Senate) are interviewed on Chicago Public Television. Articulate and on message, the candidates discuss the four pillars of the party's platform: social justice, environmental wisdom, non-violence, and grassroots democracy. When questioned about their lack of office experience, a rarely asked question of candidates of the two major parties, the candidates indicated that they have a lot of experience as community organizers (that seemed to work out well for Obama), that they are NOT beholding to corporate interests, and that they are prepared to enact good public policy to benefit the people.

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