Sunday, October 7, 2007

Former Congresswoman Considers Run for President on Green Party Ballot

Coming fresh from dismissing her self from the Dems, Cynthia McKinney registered as a Green in California on Thursday night amidst an enthusiastic crowd. Speculation about her running as a Green Party nominee for President in California is almost at an end. The follwing night in Berkeley, Mc Kinney said, "I've got my running shoes on."

Imagine a debate between third party alternatives: Mc Kinney and Ralph Nader as the big names - and 4 stand-out green candidates for President: Jared Ball, Jesse Johnson, Kent Mesplay, and Kat Swift, who are doing the work necessary to get on the ballot.

Of course, McKinney would be asked why, after two days, she rescinded her acceptance to run on the Green Party primary ballot in California. Nader might be asked why he failed to declare himself a Green, not to mention a candidate. The grassroots candidates, each from different regions, also present a variety of faces and issues important to bring into the conversation. You ask tough questions. Let them make their cases. It would be great.

Additionally, this debate is broadcast - live and delayed - in a variety of ways.

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